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Can I get a sick leave please?

The wife had a very restless sleep all night and found it very difficult to wake up when the alarm went off at 6.15 am. ‘Duty calls’, she thought. After freshening up, she realized that she is running a temperature. ‘Oh no!’ She cried. She kept the tea for brewing, and started searching for some paracetamol. As soon as the tea was ready, she took the pill and ate some biscuits. And then she proceeded for her daily routine. Woke up the older son, made him ready for school, gave him breakfast and finally she sat down. And all the while, the husband was blissfully sleeping completely unaware of her predicament.

‘Screw his beauty sleep!’ She thought. And so she went and woke him up and told him to drop off the son to school. The husband instantly understood that something is wrong as the wife never does that. He did as told without arguing.

The second they left, the wife was relieved. ‘Now I can rest a bit’, she thought. The moment she went to lie down, son number 2, who was still a toddler came crying, ‘mum.. mum..’ 

Aarrghhh’, she cried. ‘Couldn’t he sleep for a few minutes more for one day?’ She thought to herself. Now she was imagining her toddler with two horns on his head and giving her a devilish smile and telling her, ‘No mum, I was born to harass you’.

She shook the thoughts aside and tended to his needs. When the husband was back, he offered to take care of the toddler and asked her to rest for some time.

But where could she rest? The moment she lay down, she again started thinking about the things left to be done. And she almost got a heart attack thinking if the maid Madam decided to skip her work today. ‘No no no no.. please God, please God.. let her come today..’ She started praying frantically.

The husband was amused watching her and asked her what was going on. She told him what she was praying for. He laughed out loud and then told her, ‘Don’t worry, I’m taking a leave today. I have put a sick leave. You rest.’

The wife said, ‘Lucky you. Why can’t I get a sick leave? Even when I’m not well I have a hundred things to look after. If I’m resting physically, I’m going mad mentally!’

How she wished that she could rest mentally as well. Always on her toes, doing multiple things at a time and supervising the maid as well, she definitely needed a break. ‘But not by falling sick,’ She thought. ‘It is so irritating to fall sick. I can’t do much. But I’m constantly worried. What are my sons doing? What have they eaten? Who supervised the maid? Did she do her work properly?’ All these thoughts were on her mind constantly.

The wife was relieved about only one thing. As she was self employed, she din’t need to worry about going to work. Just a call to her assistant and things would be handled.

But she felt good that at least her husband volunteered to help her out on her sick day! Otherwise, she would have only two options. Either pray to never fall sick at all or fall sick so badly that hospitalization becomes necessary. Anything in between would be disastrous!

But being at peace mentally was solely in her hands. So she decided to let go of all her worries for at least that day and take rest as much as she can. Leave the house and kids on the husband and maid. Let them do whatever they want to. With that thought in mind, she went into a deep slumber.

So moms, do you get a sick leave?


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Author’s note: This post first appeared on mycity4kids parenting platform.



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