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The scariest minute of my life!!

After I got married, my husband would take me out for a walk in the evenings everyday, so that I would get acquainted with the area. And I really enjoyed those walks exploring the lanes and by lanes in the heart of the city.

So one evening, when my husband was out of town, I decided to go alone. I had left home just before sunset and was dressed in a loose kurta with pockets and jeans. I had intended to buy some fruits on the way back home.

I had a really good time looking at the various shops and restaurants. I even bargained at a vendor who was selling fruits and told him I will collect them on my way back home. I was so engrossed in exploring that I din’t realise when the twilight turned into night. Then, I decided to head back home.

But I must have taken a wrong turn as I found myself in an eerily quiet lane. When I saw the time, it was just 8 pm; but there wasn’t a single soul around. No street lights too. It was a totally commercial area, so I thought maybe that’s why it’s so quiet as all offices are shut. I had reached halfway through the lane by then. So I decided to turn around and go back to the main road. Suddenly, I heard some jingling sounds. So, I turned back to see. But there was no one.

As I started walking further, the jingling sound continued. Again, I turned back to see, but there was no one.

Now, I started sweating, and my heart rate began to rise. So, I increased my pace. The sound increased too. When I would stop, the sound would stop. I was literally jogging then and I could see the lights of the road just a few feet away; but the jingling sound also increased. I was extremely scared now. I had tears in my eyes as I couldn’t figure out what was happening. I sprinted those few feet onto the main road and I kept running paying no heed to the people, or to the traffic. I kept running until I reached home.

I was sobbing and panting when I entered the house. My mother in law got very worried looking at me soaked in sweat and tears and offered me a glass of water. She then told me to calm down and asked me what happened. I managed to tell her the incident in between sobs. Then she told me that I must have entered the ‘haunted lane’. She said that nobody goes there after sunset as weird incidents happen there all the time. I simply did not have the stamina to argue with her, so I went to my room to change.

As I started emptying the pockets of my jeans and Kurta, I saw that there were at least 15-20 five and ten rupee coins that came out from my Kurta pocket. I remembered putting them in the pockets as I had wanted to buy fruits and the vendors usually ask for change. That’s when I put two and two together and started laughing at my sillyness. My mother in law came to my room hearing me laugh as just seconds before I was crying. I then told her, “Don’t worry, I am not possessed by any evil spirit just because I entered that ‘haunted lane’. I figured out what that jingling noise was.”

“What are you talking about?” she asked.

I then told her, “Mom, I was wearing a loose kurta that had 15-20 coins in the pockets. And the lane was very very quiet. So what happened was, I heard those coins jingling. As I ran, they made more noise. And as I stopped, the sound stopped. So that was the secret of the jingling sound.”

But whether that lane was ‘haunted’ or no, I don’t know and I don’t want to know either, as that one minute that I was in that lane was the scariest minute of my life.!!

P.S.: The above blog is inspired by my late Nanaji, who had a similar incident during his younger days.

Pic Courtesy : Google images

Author’s note : This post first appeared on mycity4kids parenting platform.



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