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When I played ‘snakes and ladders’ with my son


The other day, as I was cleaning the cupboards, I came across a game of snakes and ladders. I was very excited to see it, it brought back some really awesome memories of my childhood. Then I thought why not play a game with my 3 year old son..

Then I began the search for the dice and the coins.. After searching all possible nooks and corners, I finally emerged as a winner! I managed to find the dice and two coins. “That would be enough for both of us”, I thought.

After putting my younger one to sleep, I got my son to sit down with me and explained it to him as to how to play the game. I told him, “See, this is the dice. See, there are all numbers on it. Say, dice?”

He said, “Diaass.”

I was like, “OK. Not bad. Now, see these are the coins. We’ll keep them here.” I showed him the start point and kept the coins there. Then I told him, “Now, Mamma will roll and throw the dice. Whatever number comes on it, we’ll move the coins ahead. If the coin lands on the snake, we’ll have to bring it down. And if it lands on the ladder we’ll take it up. Ok?” I explained it to him about 3-4 times. Then when I felt he has understood it, we started.

So, I started first. I moved the coin to 3 according to the dice.

Now, it was his turn.

This is how he played the game :

Step 1: Rolls and throws the dice, but picks it up again before it stops.

Step 2: Rolls and throws again, this time a little harder, but not satisfied with his attempt, picks it up again.

Step 3: Throws harder this time, knocking off the coins from the board. But not happy with his throw, he again picks up the dice.

Step 4: Throws the dice really hard, so that it rolls and goes under the cupboard. Now he’s very happy!! Looks at me with pleading eyes to get the dice. So I get a broom, remove it and give it to him.

Step 5: Repeats steps 1-4 atleast three more times.

Here, as I am trying very hard to control myself, he gets up, looks at me, smiles and runs away.

Left speechless with his stunt, I decide to look at the positive side of it. At least he sat in one place for an entire 30 minutes! And the maid finished her work uninterrupted for once! And my younger one slept peacefully without any one pulling his cap or tickling him!!

Hurrah! What an achievement!!

And so I continued with my daily routine, after keeping the snakes and ladders game, along with the dice and the 2 coins safely in the cupboard and promising myself to hunt for the remaining coins when time permits!

After that day, he asked me for the game everyday and very obediently sat in one place rolling the dice and admiring the snakes and ladders! Only, the time for which he sat reduced from 30 minutes on the first day to 5 minutes by day 5.!!

Nevertheless, I still have a wonderful time ‘playing’ snakes and ladders with him!!

Pic courtesy : Google images 

Author’s note : This post first appeared on mycity4kids parenting platform. 




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