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The other woman

Atul was very excited to come back to his city. After one month of travel, he was looking forward to meet her. During his entire flight he was only thinking about her. How he could drown in those beautiful blue eyes of hers! He longed to caress her long hair, and to touch her soft skin! In spite of talking to her everyday, he was not satisfied. He wanted to hold her desparately. She was ‘his’ Ananya, an angel in disguise for him.

As he landed at the airport, he thought he would first meet her. He called Akshita, his wife, and told her he would run some errands and then come home. Akshita was also fine with it as she had to pick up their daughter from school. What a wonderful woman she was! In a decade old marriage of theirs, she was always very understanding and very hardworking. She had started working from home to support him. He loved her too, but Ananya was very different. Ananya had entered his life 6 years back, and it was love at first sight!

On routine days, after finishing his work duties, he would divide his time between Akshita and Ananya. He knew he was a selfish man, he loved both of these women, and he couldn’t ignore either of them.

So, as he took a cab to meet Ananya, he was thinking about what gifts should he give to both the women in his life. He bought a bouquet of red and yellow roses for Akshita as she loved those. As for Ananya, he bought her a multi coloured scarf. She had half a dozen scarves already, but not a multi coloured one. He was dying to see her reaction!

Finally, he arrived at his destination. He looked at his brand new ‘fossil’ watch that was a gift from Akshita, it showed 4 pm. Five minutes later, he heard her calling to him.
“Papa, papa..” She yelled. Atul was over the moon on seeing her!! Her beautiful white hair was covered in a sky blue scarf and as usual she was wearing her special uniform that covered her completely.

 Atul and Akshita were taking all the precautions so that she doesn’t have any discomfort. Ananya had albinism; she was born with white hair, white skin and blue eyes. She was very photosensitive and her parents had to be extremely cautious, so that she wouldn’t get sunburns. She dint like covering her eyes with sunglasses, so she would wear colorful scarves over the head; it protected her hair and eyes as well.

As Atul and Ananya were hugging each other,   Akshita came running thinking she was late to pick Ananya from school. She was pleasantly surprised to see Atul there. ” I thought you had some other work, that’s what you told me from the airport”, she said.

“Well, I couldn’t resist meeting my other woman first!!” Atul replied.

Atul gave his two women the gifts that he had got. Ananya was very happy to see the multi coloured scarf which she promptly exchanged with her sky blue one.

Then, after hugging each other, they went home to start a new day.

Atul was very happy to be with the two women in his life, whom he loved very dearly. He was finally home.

P.S: Albinism is a genetic condition in which the skin lacks the pigment melanin. It is of different types. In the most common type of albinism, those affected have white skin and hair and blue translucent eyes. They are very photosensitive and are prone to skin cancers. They have a normal life span and a normal IQ as well. They usually feel alienated because of the difference in their appearance compared to their family and peers.

Pic courtesy : Google images

Author’s note : This post first appeared on mycity4kids parenting platform



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