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The side effects of having two kids!!

Once upon a time, in a far away land, there was a merchant. Theirs was a very happy family enjoying their everyday life. But one fine day, the merchant’s wife came to me and asked for help. [Now you may wonder, that why in a far away land, some lady would ask me for advice, right? So let me introduce myself, I am the ‘Queen’ in this hypothetical far away land ;)]

She told me,”Please, Your Highness, help me with this. I just don’t know what to do.”

I heard her problems very patiently and then I told her that she’s suffering from the side effects of having two kids.

Now, what were these side effects? Let me brief you in short..

1. The Crazy fever: Most of the time, you are running around the house going crazy, doing the never ending chores, chores and chores. And you may also look crazy at times with scattered, wild hair and black discolouration under the eyes.

2. Loose Temper: Instead of loose motions, you have loose temper, with your temper flying left, right and centre at the drop of a hat!

3. Loo phobia: There will be a time atleast once in your life, when you are alone with the two little ones and you desparately want to go to the loo. And even if you instruct them strictly to behave themselves for those 2-5 minutes, you always get a surprise after coming out!! And then what happens is you are scared to go to the loo leaving them unattended!!

4. Boarding school mania: Sometimes you may make a list of all the boarding/residential schools around and may be also enquire about the same. You decide that you will send atleast one of the two to a boarding school. But ultimately you don’t end up sending either because even if they trouble you to your wits’ end, you can’t see them away from you!!

So, the merchant’s wife then asked me,”What do I do about it, Your Highness?”

I gave her a nice hug and told her, “Well, my dear lady, I can absolutely empathise with you coz I’ve been through it and the only piece of advice that I can give you is to be patient. They are too young now. Time is all that you need.”

So, my dear ladies and gentlemen, whichever generation you are in, you’ll go through these side effects. But don’t worry, laugh your way through it and you will live happily ever after!!

P.S: These side effects can occur even with a single kid 😉

Happy reading!!

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Author’s note : This post first appeared on mycity4kids parenting platform. 



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