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The nagging husband

“Seema, I will drop you to your office today..”

“Seema, I will come with you for shopping.”

“Seema.. there’s not enough salt in the dal today..”

“Seema.. I’ll come to pick you up from office today..”

In the initial days after her marriage with Varun, Seema would feel very elated that her husband loves and cares for her so much. She was so excited when Varun offered to go shopping with her. She thought which husband would be willing to offer himself on a silver platter and that too decorated with flowers to go shopping with the wife! She was very happy. But the shopping trip turned to be a nightmare for her! After 4 hours of roaming 2-3 malls, she ended up buying nothing but a single dress! And she was so exhausted and angry. She had silently vowed never to tell Varun about her shopping plans!

As the months passed by, Seema realised that Varun was a nagging husband. He would interfere in everything that she did and that in turn would spoil Seema’s enthusiasm. Seema would argue with him and they would end up having nasty fights.

They loved each other a lot, but this behaviour of his was getting to her. She was losing her cool very often. She had to do something about it, she thought.

Slowly, she learnt how to deal with him. Her mother in law helped her a lot. She told her,”This nagging habit runs in all the men of this family..”

Seema learnt how to calm down and not reply to him. She would listen very patiently or at least pretend to but in the end she would only do she had decided.

Gradually, the scene improved. But, the nagging continued. It was like Varun was not ready to accept that what he does is called nagging. He would say, “I’m just trying to do everything perfectly. No mistakes absolutely..” But his strive for perfection was driving Seema nuts. And when she would point to him that what he’s doing is not being perfect, but nagging; they would end up fighting.

They were otherwise a very happy couple, deeply in love and enjoying their lives. As the years passed, Seema had gotten used to the nagging. She had stopped letting it bother her. And then, Pihu was born. The scene changed again. Her hormonal woes were adding to it. She would get irritated with anything that Varun would tell her, even if it was something good. Because she would feel that he is continuosly nagging her, she was going crazy. She was on the verge of a breakdown, when her mother in law stepped in again. She helped Seema to come out of her self induced depression and live her life. And within a few months, all was well again.

Varun had calmed down too. He would no longer harass Seema for every small thing. As much as she din’t want to lose him, he too loved and cared for her a lot to repeatedly hurt her due to his nagging behaviour. Although he would still not accept that it was nagging and not his strive for perfection!

But Seema finally learnt to live with her nagging husband.

So now, when Varun asks her, “Seema, come I’ll take you shopping..” She replies, “Oh no dear, why waste so much time when I can buy what I want at the click of a mouse..”

And then when he tells,”Come I’ll drop you to office”, she says, “Why do you want to waste your time when the office bus is already coming..”

“OK,  so I’ll pick you up from work today then?”

“Oh yes, sure.. we will go for a movie and dinner after that…”

And thus, Seema lives in peace!!

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Author’s note : This post first appeared on mycity4kids parenting platform. 



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