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A new ‘Mother- in- law’

In a couple of months, my mom is going to assume a new role; she’s going to become a mother in law!

Well, technically she already became one; when I got married. But now, she’s nervous!

Yes, you heard me right. She’s anxious and nervous to become a mother in law.

I had met her the other day, and she seemed quite restless like there was something on her mind and she din’t know whom to tell.

I know her very well, so I simply told her, “What is it mom? Just spill it already.”

“I don’t know what to tell you. Its like I’m getting butterflies in my tummy. I’m just so nervous about all this.” She said.

Initially I din’t understand what she was saying. So I told her, “I’m not getting you mom. Can you be more specific?”

Then she said, “Your brother is getting married. And I’m going to get a daughter in law. She will come to stay with us. How do I adjust? And how do I make her comfortable?”

“Relax mom. You don’t need to be nervous about it. It will surely take some time for both of you to get used to each other. Give her some space and just be yourself. I’m sure everything will be fine.” I said.

“Yes, I know that. But still. I’m not used to having anyone in the house after you got married. Both men go to work. It’s just me. What do I talk to her? What if she tells me something and I end up yelling at her. You know how short tempered I am!”

“Mom, you had me for 23 years! So you definitely cannot forget being with another female in the house. You consider her as your other daughter. Talk normally what you talk with me. As I told you before, just be yourself. And don’t worry I’ll prime her about your temper, so she won’t be scared in case you end up yelling at her!” I joked.

Both of us were heartily laughing as we were having this conversation.

“Yes, you are right dear. I’m just going to be myself and give her some space. And I’ll treat her as my daughter. Things will definitely be normal then.” She said.

“Yeah mom, you’ll make a lovely ‘mother’ like mother in law!” I told her.

How both of them bond after the wedding, only time will tell. It will be the result of the efforts put in from both their sides.

We often talk about all the adjustments the girl has to make after she gets married; but what about the boy’s family, specially his mother? Something to think about, eh?


Pic Courtesy: Google images

Author’s note: This post first appeared on mycity4kids parenting platform.



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