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My favourite teddy

I finally found my favourite teddy bear back after 3 long years! I thought I had lost it. It was lying in the darkest of the dark corners in my mother in law’s wardrobe. I never imagined in the wildest of my dreams that I would find it there!

It’s a very special teddy bear for me. It was my first valentine’s day gift from my then fiancé and now husband. It is a cute little thing with a girl and a boy teddy sitting on a heart shaped cushion and when you press on the boy teddy’s chest, it says, “I love you”. 

I was in love with the teddy as soon as I had got it. And I would play with it at every chance I got. After some days I decided to wrap it in a bubble wrap and keep it in my cupboard to prevent it from damage. 

This was before I had kids.

After my first born, I got a collection of teddy bears of different colours and sizes, most of them as gifts. Then when my newborn grew into a toddler, the teddys were no longer fascinating for him. He was done cuddling with them. One by one, each teddy lost its ear, its nose, its eyes and finally the stuffings inside! I tried to repair them as best as I could and kept them away.

Then one day, as I was cleaning the clutter, I came across my favourite teddy neatly wrapped. I removed it from the wrap and pressed on the chest of the boy teddy. To my surprise, he still said “I love you.” I was jumping with joy and thought it would be an interesting toy for my toddler. So I gave it to him. Little did I know that it was the last time I would be seeing it!

After a couple of days, I could no longer find it. I asked everyone at home, but nobody had seen it after the day I had given it to him. I was really sad. My husband was laughing at me; crying over a toy. He told me he would get another similar one. But I only wanted that one and I was really upset.

And now almost three years later, I found it again! Actually my mother in law found it in her wardrobe while she was cleaning it. It was tied up among her clothes and though she regularly de-clutters her wardrobe, she never opened that ‘potli’ until a few days back. I really wonder how it got there in the first place!

And it was still working. The boy teddy still says “I love you.” Now, my younger toddler and the older preschooler both started fighting for it. So, when both of them slept in the night, I took it, wrapped it again and hid it in my cupboard. That is my favourite teddy. And I will not be sharing it with anyone. Sorry.

My husband was rolling with laughter at my antics. But I don’t care. He can buy them a new one. I won’t be giving mine to the little brats, even though they are my kids. Go figure.

Over the last few years, I have found many such ‘lost’ things from the most unusual places while de-cluttering the house. I feel so relieved and free after each round of de-cluttering. It’s like a weight being lifted off my shoulders.

It’s strange that there’s a similar feeling when we de-clutter our minds and hearts from the unwanted stress, anger, ego and resentment. We feel relieved and liberated and we can direct our attention towards our priorities and goals in life.

I know I will be finding more things and throwing unwanted things each time I engage myself in de-cluttering my house. But nothing beats finding my favourite teddy bear back! 

Author’s note : This post first appeared on mycity4kids parenting platform. 

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Will he call me ‘mom’?

This was my question to my mother in law when my son was 10 months old.

“Don’t be silly. Of course he will call you ‘mom’. You are his mom after all”, my mother in law replied.

“But he stays more with you”, I argued.

“So what, you still feed him. You spend time with him when you are there”, she said.

I replied, “But he always comes crawling to you even when I’m around. How will he know that you are his dadi and I’m his mom?”.

“Don’t over think this. He will call you ‘ma’, don’t worry. Now go, go to sleep before he wakes up.” She said.

As I went off to sleep that night I was partly assured, but also insecure that my son may call his dadi ‘mom’.

I had to resume work after 3 months of my son’s birth as I had to complete my residency program. I din’t have a choice. If I wouldn’t complete it in that year, I would not get my completion. And then no degree too. So, all the effort would go waste. Hence, I had to join back.

I would be at work for 10-12 hours, sometimes more. My in laws and husband would look after my son. They did it very well, I had no complaints whatsoever. But, as he grew older, I constantly had this fear that what if he doesn’t recognize me? I was barely around. I missed most of his first milestones; when he turned over, when he started creeping, when he started to sit, then stand with support. I missed them all. And he had already started calling my husband “paapa papa. .”

Then, on a beautiful Sunday morning, as I was having breakfast, he came crawling to me and said,”mumm mah.. mumm mah.” And I screamed with joy! My husband and inlaws rushed to me asking what happened. I told them he called me mumma. They were all very happy. Then they started making him repeat it again. But he simply wouldn’t. That was the first and last time he called me ‘mumma’.

After that, he started calling me ‘Awwa’. As his speech and vocabulary improved, ‘Awwa’ became ‘Alva’. He cannot pronounce ‘r’ still. So Arva becomes ‘Alva’ for him!!

But he knows who his mom is. When anybody asks him who is your mummy, he says ‘Alva’ is my mummy..

And when I ask him, “Why do you call me ‘Alva’ and not mummy?” He says, “Papa, Dada and dadi also call you Alva na?”

So, until everybody in the house won’t call me ‘mummy’, he too, won’t!

Only when he wants something from me he will call me ‘Mummy’!!

Today’s generation I say! They do things which we wouldn’t even have imagined doing!!

But, nevertheless, I enjoy being called ‘Alva’ by him!!

Pic courtesy : Google images 

Author’s note : This post first appeared on mycity4kids parenting platform. 

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Hot cross buns go round and round! 

When my elder son was three months old, I had started singing a few nursery rhymes to him; while putting him to sleep, while changing his diapers and sometimes while playing with him. It had a calming effect on him, he would quieten the moment I would start. I only knew a handful of them, the ones that I remembered from my childhood. I’m not a good singer, but the tune itself would be soothing enough for him.

Then at 2 years as he started going to playgroup, I learnt (had to learn, actually) dozens of other rhymes some of which I had never even heard before. He would come home and tell me what he wants to hear.

Him : “Mumma, didde fidde”

Me: “What? What’s that”?

Him: “Didde fidde..” (stamps his legs for insistence)

Then, I would search through the CD that was given by the school and find out what he was trying to say. And I realised that he wanted me to sing “Hey diddle diddle, the cat and the fiddle..” I had never even heard of such a rhyme. “The cow jumped over the moon?” Wow, something different.

Each day, he would tell me to the best of his ability, which rhyme he wanted me to sing. And he also wanted me to do all the actions! Now, how am I supposed to do the same actions that he learnt in school? So, I learnt ‘kookaburra’, ‘two little dickey birds’, ‘hickory dickory dock’, ‘wheels on the bus’ and ‘hot cross buns’ and many more!

But, one day he came to me and told me, “Mumma, birdie”.

Me: “Okay. Wait dear. I’ve never heard of it. Let me search in the CD.”

Him: “Birdie, Birdie.. Mumma.”

Then he started to do some actions. First, he did twinkle star action, then he kept his arms by the side and flapped them, then he wiggled his bums and then he clapped his hands. He kept on doing that and saying ‘birdie birdie’.

Finally, as I failed to find it in that nursery rhymes CD, I did some research on the Internet and found out that he was talking about the ‘birdie dance.’ At the end of the day, the entire family was dancing the ‘birdie dance’! It was fun though.

Now, at three and a half years of age, he is familiar with most of the nursery rhymes and so am I. So much so that sometimes we end up talking in nursery rhymes.

Him: ” Mumma, today the wheels on the bus went round and round and I went to school. Uncle was selling hot cross buns. And my brother finger got hurt and it was pouring and raining and all the dogs were snoring. And then, I did row row row your boat in the water!”

Me: “Wow, that’s really good. Today,  mumma’s dish ran away with the spoon when mumma was cooking. And Peter and Paul also flew away. Mumma then did rock-a-bye baby with your little brother and Kookaburra was sitting on the old gum tree and laughing and then the clock struck one, and you came home!”

My husband gets so annoyed sometimes when he hears us talking like this. And more so when he hears me singing them! “Stop croaking!” He says. But I don’t think I can do that. I have become so used to it that now if I don’t sing atleast one rhyme per day I get restless! And the best part is when I sing them, my younger one year old becomes so quiet that I can change his clothes and his diapers very easily. Otherwise it’s a nightmare!

 I know that this is just a phase in our lives which will be very soon replaced by loads of books and homework. So let us enjoy this phase till it lasts!

My son’s favourite rhyme is the ‘finger family song’ and mine is ‘old mac Donald had a farm.’

What is yours??

Happy singing!!

Author’s note: This post first appeared on mycity4kids parenting platform.

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