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“Mamma, you are so cute!”

It is 6.30 in the morning and after tossing and turning and snoozing the alarm almost three times, I reluctantly get up. I’m tired even before starting the day. I then proceed to wake up my elder son for school, give him breakfast and make him ready for school in record time. After he’s gone, I breathe a sigh of relief. First and most important mission of the day accomplished.

Then as the day proceeds, I manage to do some chores and supervise the maid for the others. Amongst all this, I look after the needs of my younger one year old and start preparing to go to work. I don’t have to leave before 1.30, but nevertheless I keep everything ready. With two brats in the house, there may be an emergency anytime! And my procrastination will get me no where.

Finally at 11 a.m, the elder one comes home, gives me a hug, talks about stuff in school, throws his clothes wherever he can and runs to the bathroom. But today he does something different. Instead of going to the bathroom, he hugs me again and tells me, “Mamma, you are so cute!” I am thrilled by this and kiss him in return not understanding this sudden development.

Over the next few days, he drops that compliment atleast three to four times a day. And it’s not that he tells me because he wants something or he’s done some mischief and is covering up for it; it’s a genuine comment. I’m really surprised by it. I keep wondering from where did he learn that? He’s just three and a half years old! Okay, I must have told him or his brother “cute” many times; but him actually using it back on me was really surprising.

His compliments make my boring routine really interesting. I look forward to hearing them everyday. Even my husband doesn’t compliment me so often!

That’s when I realise that I need to do something to maintain my ‘cuteness’. Every day I wake up tired and sleep refreshed! I fail to understand the irony that in spite of working all day I’m fresh in the night. Everyday I decide that today I’ll go for a walk, today I’ll do some yoga, today I’ll have a cup of green tea; but that ‘today’ never comes. I really need to stop making excuses to take care of myself, I need to stop procrastinating and take some active measures to improve my health.

I had developed pregnancy induced hpothyroidism which later transformed into hyperthyroidism and now I’m off medicines for it. I was also slightly anemic but since I find it very difficult to swallow those huge iron tablets I have made the necessary dietary modifications.

And now my three and a half year old has made me realise the importance of my health and well being!

The world health organisation  (WHO) defines health as “the state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing and not merely absence of disease.” And how often do we take proactive measures for maintaining our health? It’s only that when we fall sick we seek the doctor for treatment.

Sometimes, it becomes difficult to focus on our health as we get caught in the vicious cycle of ‘home-work-home’, but we need to remember that a healthy mother will raise a healthy family!

So let’s stop making excuses for taking care of ourselves.

As I end this blog, I’m going to make myself a cup of green tea and also make that appointment to get myself checked; meanwhile you all stay healthy and cute!!


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Author’s note: This post first appeared on mycity4kids parenting platform.



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