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This one’s for you, DAD!

A father is always making his baby into a little woman. And when she is a woman he turns her back again.” ~ Enid Bagnold. 

So true it is!

My dad has a very special place in my life. Yes, apart from treating me like a princess and fulfilling all my wishes (not always though😉), he has taught me the value of life.

Third amongst eight siblings, he had an amazing childhood. My grandfather had made sure that he educated all his kids. My dad had lived in a hostel to pursue his higher education. He had always wanted to be a dentist, but destiny had other plans for him. But, he was happy with the choices he made.

Yes, he had to struggle a lot to make a place for himself in this world. And he did succeed. He is very much an independent man even in terms of handling the household stuff. He cooks, cleans the house and pampers my mom every now and then. He seldom raises his voice. He puts his point across very patiently.

His motto in life is ‘live and let live’. That is one of the best things he has taught me. He also taught my brother and myself how to make the most of the limited resources that we had. He taught us how to live a simple life and be content with it.

When I had secured admission in a medical college, there were many who told me whether I was sure about the choice I was making and not merely fulfilling my father’s dream. I would tell them that yes I’m fulfilling my father’s dream but it’s my dream too. And today I’m really happy that I made that choice and my dad supported me like no other. ‘You have to be independent by all means’, he would say. I remember the floods that had hit Mumbai in 2005 when I was preparing for my university exams of first year MBBS, all my books were destroyed by it as we were on the ground floor. I was shattered. My exams were a week away! But my dad literally ordered me to stop crying and helped me to gather what was left and encouraged me to start studying.

He was my pillar then and is now and will always be.

Whenever I visit him, I’m at peace. It’s like I enter another world free from all worries plaguing my brain. He has a calming aura. My kids love him too. And they behave so nicely when he is around, making me question whether they are the same brats! And why not, they too must be experiencing his aura!

That’s the thing about dads. They do so many subtle things for their kids to ensure their comfort and success. They will always be watching you even if you feel that they are not. They may not express their love and emotions so often, but you know that they are there for you. Always.

This one’s for you dear Dad!

Thank you for believing in me and being there for me always. Cheers!

Happy Father’s Day!


Pic Courtesy: Google Images

Author’s note: This post first appeared on mycity4kids parenting platform.



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