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An infant’s diary

Hey there! I have finally turned one month old! Yes, I’ve now officially graduated from a newborn to an infant. Yay! 

Stay tuned and I’ll keep you updated about the events in my life!

Hey there, I’m two months old now. I can make out day and night now and I’ll tell you a secret.. sshhh.. I love staying up late in the night. My mom tries very hard to make me sleep. But I love staying up. You know this my only time when I can be an owl. Then as I’ll grow up mom will make me sleep early saying I have school in the morning. So let me enjoy this time now. And I also love staring at the ceiling. My parents think that I’m looking at the fans and lights, but no. I’m just wondering what treasure lies under that ceiling. I’m rolling with laughter now. But ooh… ouch… I had an injection a few days back.. it hurts so much! I was wailing and crying but my parents din’t listen. In fact I overheard the doctor saying that I’m going to receive many more in this one year! Oh my God! Please help me!

Hey there! I’m four months old now! And now I can turn my neck freely around. Wow! What a view I get. Yes, I also recognize my parents and I smile at anyone who cuddles me. I love it when I’m the centre of attention. And please, I don’t like to be swaddled now. I love kicking my hands and legs. So can you please tell my mom and dadi to stop trying so hard..

Hey there! I’m six months old now! I’m going to get a change of diet now. I’m so excited. Mom, no offence, I liked milk, but I was kind of bored with it. I’m eagerly waiting to try something new. And yes, oh my! The pleasure of sitting! I simply love it. I’m not perfect at it still, but I’m enjoying it. And I simply love to put anything that I can grab in my mouth, except that soft thing (she calls it a soother) that my mom gives me.

Hey there, I’m eight months old now! How I feel that milk was only better. Can you believe I’m being fed mashed khichdi and mashed veggies and fruits and different types of porridge with absolutely no taste! Can’t I get some real food please? Puh-lease! Please dear reader, request my mom to give me some edible food! I have two teeth now. If she doesn’t give me tasty food, I’m going to bite her and you will be responsible for it, dear reader! And one more thing, I don’t like being held my strangers please. All they do is pull my cheeks, kiss me and take pictures of me without my permission. How dare they?

Hey there, I’m ten months old now! And I love corners. But someone or the other is always following me around to pull me out of my favourite place. Can’t they let me be in peace for sometime? I love my solitude! I can very nicely pick up even the tiniest of things from the ground and eat it and I can do that only in my corners. I have become an expert in crawling; I’ll go back to my favourite corner again! I can even mange to walk holding the sofa and the bed, so going there won’t be a problem. And now, in spite of having 4 teeth, I’m still craving for ‘real’ food. Puh-lease reader! Can’t you see my puppy dog eyes and request my mom?

Hey there! I’m one year old now! Yippee! I try to talk to my parents in my language and they only laugh listening to me. And sometimes they bring their phones in front of me. God knows what they do. Always with their phones. You know, I’m getting very scared. My dear family is planning to parade me for my birthday! I don’t want that. I’m going to cry a lot. And plus I can’t even eat my own birthday cake. This is so unfair. Please, tell them to celebrate on their own. I’m happy in my room. I’ll play with my toys. I’ll be good. I’ll go to my birthday party when I’m a little older. This is my birthday wish. Dear reader, will you please tell my parents about my wish? No, I shouldn’t tell you. You haven’t still told my mom about my food, have you? I’m still craving for tasty food. But the best part of being one year old is, I can walk! Ok, only 3-4 steps before falling, but so what? I can still walk. Yay!

I’ll take your leave now. I hope you enjoyed reading my diary and thank you for stopping by! I’ll see you later. Bye!

P.S.: Please remind my mom about my food issue. Thank you again. And bye again!

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Author’s note: This post has first appeared on mycity4kids parenting platform.



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