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My pregnancy diaries: Doctor’s Advice versus Elder’s Advice

I distinctly remember that Monday morning when I had done the urine pregnancy test after I had missed my periods for 5 days. What a wonderful moment it was when I had told my husband and both of our parents about the positive test! Our happiness knew no bounds.

After a marital bliss of four years, my husband and I had decided to take the next step in life : that is to become parents! It was a well planned decision.

Then came the first three months! I practically had a war with the nausea and vomiting each and every day during that time. But I finally won over it. I got used to it and did not let it bother me. As I entered my 4th month, the nausea settled and then the announcement was made among relatives and friends.

As I was juggling between my work and health issues, I had constant calls and visits from concerned friends and relatives – who wanted to give advice. Elders from the family were telling me to “eat this, drink that, do this, do that”. Well I had no problems listening to them, but when they would look at me and tell, “Look at you. You are so thin. Your belly is not showing still…”, it would irk me beyond expression. I would think, “Hello, how can you expect a girl weighing 50 kg to suddenly start hogging and gaining weight?”

After a few days, I stopped arguing with anyone. I would patiently listen though, but only follow my doctor’s advice. When I had made my first visit to my gynecologist at 6 weeks, he had told me to take it easy and not fuss about weight gain right from the beginning. Eating a balanced diet was the key. He also advised me to start taking a health drink.

I was relieved on hearing that I did not have to start eating twice as much for every meal. It’s difficult to suddenly start eating so much. The appetite increases gradually and weight gain in pregnancy is a gradual process. Even though the elders in the family continued with their advices, and I knew that they wanted my baby to be healthy, but I only followed my doctor’s advice. And it did work. I had a healthy pregnancy with a healthy baby.

In fact, I followed the same routine with my second pregnancy also. And I was better prepared mentally and physically too.

So, all you pregnant ladies do share your experiences of a happy and healthy pregnancy and handling elders’ advice against what your doctor said!


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Author’s note: This post first appeared on mycity4kids parenting platform.



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