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I’ve suffered and don’t want you to suffer

Simi was very excited to go to work today. Finally, she was going to make that special announcement to her friends and colleagues.

So, during their lunch break, she gathered her friends and said, “I’ve something very exciting to tell you.. I’m expecting..”

Even before she could continue, greetings poured from all sides. “Congrats, take care and All the best” was all that she could hear. Then someone asked her how many months and she said, “Fourth started.”

As the wave of excitement reduced, her closest friend, Mona came to her and said, “I’m so happy for you dear. But I still can’t believe you’ll be a mom soon.”

Simi gave her a hug and they decided to talk about it after work.

Then, later in the coffee shop, Simi said, “Mona, you know I’m so scared about all this. Everybody at home is very excited and happy. But I am kind of lost. I really don’t know what to expect.”

“It’s okay Simi, everything will work out to be fine. Focus on your health,” Mona said.

“Yes, and I’m really going to eat your head every now and then. You are experienced in this matter. Shikha will be two years old now right? ”

“Yes, my little angel will be 2 next month. Times flies so fast.” Mona replied.

Mona continued, “Simi, I know you are very excited about all of this, but let me warn you. Pregnancy is not always a bed of roses, there are so many changes in your body that you can’t even imagine it. You really need to take care. Everyone will tell you about all the nice things, some will also tell you about the labour pains, others will tell you about normal vs caesarean delivery, but no one will tell you about the other problems that pregnant ladies suffer from. Since you are my closest friend, I think it’s your right to know.”

Simi asked,”So what is it..?”

Mona was a bit reluctant, “Hmm.. its kind of embarrassing..”

“Just spill it already.” Simi said.

Mona replied, “I had suffered from hemorrhoids in my pregnancy.”

“You mean piles?” Simi answered.

Mona said, “Yes. Piles. Hemorrhoids. It’s the same thing. You know, more than half of the pregnant women suffer from it during their second and third trimesters. I was kind of shocked when I came to know about it. Then, I read about it and I also asked my doctor. Do you know what exactly are hemorrhoids, Simi?

Simi replied in the negative.

Mona continued, “They are veins in the lower part of the intestine called rectum and these veins become dilated, swollen and inflamed because of the pressure of the growing baby in the uterus and also due to the increased blood volume in the pregnant body. And they form hemorrhoids or piles as they are commonly called. And if you are already constipated, it adds to the problem.”

Simi asked, “Mona, but how did you come to know about it? I mean did you have any symptoms?”

Mona said, “Yes. I used to feel itching and sometimes burning sensation near the anus. I also felt a soft lump near the anal opening. It was really uncomfortable. Also sometimes, I would see blood in the stools.”

“Oh my God! That sounds gross!” Simi exclaimed.

Mona started laughing and said, ” Yes, it does but you can avoid it. I’ll tell you how:

1. Stay regular in your schedule.

2. Have a high fibre diet like fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Avoid processed foods.

3. Drink lots of water.

4. Do Kegels exercises. They will help to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles and also they improve the blood circulation in the pelvic area.

5. Do not stand for prolonged periods, keep moving. Your blood volume increases during pregnancy, so if you stand continously, the blood gets accumulated in the pelvic area and adds to the problem. So keep moving.

6. Walk regularly.

7. Do not strain unnecessarily in the toilet.

8. If you have constipation, then ask your doctor. They will give you some stool softeners.

9. If it gets really uncomfortable, your doctor will advise you warm baths or Sitz baths.

Remember, that hemorrhoids in pregnancy are temporary. They will go away a few months after you have delivered. So don’t worry, but I told you so that you can be aware about it and take the necessary precautions. And even if you get them, they are very much treatable. You just need to reach out to your doctor.”

Simi hugged Mona and said,”Thank you so much dear. I don’t know what would I do without you.”

Mona said, “I’ve suffered from it and I don’t want you to suffer. Take care..”

Hemorrhoids are a common problem in pregnancy. Very few are actually aware about it. The aim of this blog is to spread awareness about hemorrhoids in pregnancy and help prevent it; as it is rightly said, ‘Prevention is better than cure.’


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Author’s note: This post first appeared on mycity4kids parenting platform.


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