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Her first poem

Somya was participating in her first ever elocution competition in the 8 years of her life. It was not that she din’t like to talk or anything like that, but she was in a state of shock due to the sudden demise of her dad a year back. Normally, a very outgoing child, she had withdrawn herself from everyone around her. She would barely go out, or talk to anyone except for any work. Her mom, Deepti, tried her best to get her daughter out of her grief, but she just could not succeed. She, herself, had to suppress her emotions so that she could help Somya. She also left her job to look after Somya, give her enough love and care to make her accept the truth and try to live a normal life again. But Deepti couldn’t fill the void that was left behind in Somya’s life.

Then, in the school, when her teacher told Deepti that they have an elocution competition, and Somya should participate, did Deepti realise that she really needs to do something about it.

So, after struggling for a couple of days and nights to write something that would motivate Somya to participate, she finally succeeded. She was no poet, but she tried her best to pen down something meaningful for her daughter. She then showed her creation to Somya, who after reading it burst into tears. Deepti told her, “It’s time for you now to start again dear. This will help you to conquer your grief now. And it will be a salute to your dad too.”

Somya finally agreed to participate.

It was the day of the competition. More than Somya, Deepti was nervous. She was getting all jittery. The competition was not that important to her, but the fact that Somya should be able to speak out was more important. Finally it was Somya’s turn. As she came on the stage, her eyes started scanning the crowd looking for that familiar face! As she made eye contact with her mom, she started her poem.

For my dad:

If I could write a story

It would be the greatest ever told,

I’d write about my daddy

For he had a heart of gold.

My dad, he was no hero 

Known around this world

He was everything to me,

For I was his baby girl.

Somya just couldn’t continue further. She started crying on the stage. Her tears just wouldn’t stop. Deepti went to her and urged her to continue. She told her, “Imagine your dad sitting in the audience. How proud he would be my dear. Complete your poem for him..”

Somya wiped her tears and started again.

He was everything to me,

For I was his baby girl.

I’d write about the lessons,

He taught me right from wrong.

He instilled in me the values

That one day I’d be strong.

He taught me to face my fears,

Take each day as it comes,

For there are things that we can’t change

He would say what’s done is done.

Somya was in tears again, but she continued..

He would say hold your head up high,

Carry yourself with pride. 

Thanks to him, Now,

I will never run and hide.

If I could write a story,

It would be the greatest ever told. 

I’d write about my daddy,

For he had a heart of gold. 

And there, she had done it!!

Deepti went to Somya and enveloped her in a warm hug. After consoling her, they went to their seats. Somya may not have won any prize in the elocution, but she had won over her grief! She had finally conquered it! It was her first poem on stage and the first ever poem that Deepti had written. Both their firsts had liberated them from the emotional baggage that they were carrying.

Deepti was happy that she had finally got her daughter back. She silently thanked the Almighty and her husband for showing her the way to relieve Somya from her grief.

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