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When I caught my husband RED handed! !

After a long and tiring day, I finally retired to sleep. As soon as I hit the pillow, I fell asleep. Some time later, I woke up to drink water. It was 12.15 am. That’s when I saw that my husband was not on the bed. Thinking he must have gone to the washroom, I went back to bed. But, I could not sleep. I waited for him to come back, thinking ‘How much time one can take to come from the washroom, 10-15 minutes max.’ But I kept waiting and waiting. It was 1 am now. He still hadn’t come. So I went to check the washroom, but he was not there. 

That’s when I saw him sneakily opening the main door. He had come from outside. I thought I should ask him where had he been.. But then I thought may be he must have gone out for some fresh air. Big deal. He must have not disturbed me as I was in deep sleep.. After justifying my assumptions, I went to sleep.

Everything was back to routine in the morning. And even I forgot about the night. But then, the same thing happened again.    12-1 am my husband would mysteriously disappear. I simply couldn’t sleep after that. And there was no particular change in his behaviour, he was his usual self!

The midnight disappearance continued for a couple more days. I wanted to confront him on that matter, but I thought that if it was important he would share it with me. I started with my assumptions again; maybe he was discussing some work related issues with colleagues, maybe some of his friends had some problem, maybe this, maybe that.., the list was endless.

I was getting restless with each passing night. I was itching to check his phone when he was in the bathroom, but I controlled myself. I had decided to catch him red handed tonight.

Finally, the golden hour arrived. I was pretending to be asleep, and when I was sure he had left, I too sneaked out behind him. He went to the terrace., I followed him quietly. I decided to hide behind the terrace door, in case anyone would come or if I could hear any sounds from inside. But, nada.. There was nothing, no one came and no noises. So, after waiting for about 15 minutes, I gathered all my courage and confidence to face what was there on the other side of the door. With my head held high, I marched inside.

What did I see?? Oh my God!! It was absolutely shocking and unbelievable to me..

Hubby darling was extremely engrossed in playing some game on his phone!!

I tapped on his shoulder from behind. He turned back, and his expression was priceless!! Like a kid caught eating icecream in the middle of the night. He got up sheepishly.. I started crying and hitting him playfully. He was surprised as to why I was crying.  I told him, “I’ll tell you in the morning. Lets go back.”

Then, the next morning, I explained everything to him. He burst out laughing..

He said, “Sweetheart, you only made me promise that I won’t play games on my phone in the house, otherwise I’ll be setting a bad example on the kids. So I went out.. And the games which I play require a lot of concentration; they are strategy games..”

I told him, “you and your stupid strategy games!! You can play in the room also.. you could have just told me.. you scared the hell out of me!!”

Men will be men!

Women will be women!!


P.S.: The above writeup is fictional 😀

Happy reading!!

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Author’s note : This post first appeared on mycity4kids parenting platform.



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