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The wedding gift

Meera was super excited for her wedding which was a month away. And more than that she was excited about her Bachelorette party. She had planned every possible detail for it along with her closest friends Anjali and Nikita. All three of them worked together, they were Co owners of a fashion boutique. 

Meera was getting married to her boyfriend of three years, Rohan. They had a very unique meeting. Meera was travelling to London for a holiday. She loved travelling to new places and at times she would travel solo. This was one of her solo expeditions. Rohan was seated next to her on the flight. He was going for a project for his job. They struck a conversation and time flew by. They talked about their lives, hobbies, work and goals. In no time their flight was about to land and they would be on their separate ways. So they exchanged numbers and decided to keep in touch.

Back in the city, they met with their friends, invited each other for various parties and events. They hung out together many times and became very good friends. Meera realised that she really liked him and she wanted to take their friendship to the next level. So she asked him out, and he agreed. And after dating for almost three years they decided to tie the knot.

Now, their wedding was just a week away. Meera always wanted to have an elaborate wedding complete with mehndi, haldi, Sangeet, pheras and reception. She had decided to have a Bachelorette party before all other functions begin.

The party was planned in a club. Meera along with her friends had a blast. They danced their way through the night. And after cutting the cake, they were on their way home.

On the way, at a signal, she saw some guy drop a parcel in front of their car. So shocked to see that, she ran out, along with her friends but the guy was no where to be seen. They were staring at the parcel and wondering what was in it and who would do that, when suddenly the parcel started to move!

The girls shrieked and were about to run, but Meera went forward and opened it. She was shocked! She dint know how to react. She lifted the tiny newborn baby in her hands and she was mesmerised!

Meera relived her childhood in those 5-10 minutes of holding the baby; how she was abandoned by her parents, how she grew up in an orphanage, how she would cry looking at other kids with their parents, how she had to work hard to get anything that she wanted, and the list was endless. Until she got adopted by an old couple when she was 9 years old. Then things were better for her. She experienced all the feelings that had deserted her since birth. She learnt to make friends, learnt to love and more importantly, she learnt the art of kindness and perseverance. Meera never knew her biological parents but her adoptive parents gave her everything that she had missed and she was ever grateful to them for that.

Anjali and Nikita shook her from her reverie and they then drove to the nearest police station and handed over the baby after completing all the formalities.

After a disturbed sleep, in the morning Meera asked Rohan to meet her urgently before the functions of the wedding started.

Meera narrated the entire incident of last night to Rohan.

Meera said, ” I know that this is something very difficult for you, but I want you too, to be a part of this.”

Rohan said, ” What is it Meera?”

“I want to adopt that baby, Rohan. That would be my wedding gift.”

Rohan was silent for a minute and then he said, “Don’t worry dear, that baby will be your wedding gift. I understand your emotions Meera. I know where you come from and I totally support you. And I am very touched by the fact that you discussed this with me before taking the decision on your own. I love you and I will be proud to be your husband.”

“I love you too, Rohan. Thank you so much. This would be a wedding gift that nobody would have ever received. And I am really relieved that you accepted it. I cannot even imagine what that little one will go through.. thanks again.. I am very happy to have you in my life..”

After all the marriage functions were over,  they completed all the legal formalities and finally got the little one with them. They named her ‘Diya’. Because she had lightened up their lives..

Pic courtesy : Google images 

Author’s note : This post first appeared on mycity4kids parenting platform. 



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