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How I learnt anger management from my son!!

It is a usual day in my house where a tsunami hits every morning and things go helter skelter.

Well, it’s time to go to school for my 3 year old son!!!

So he has his breakfast and gets dressed.

And as the wave subsides, we are finally on our way to school. I am usually a calm person by nature but all that changed after my first son was born. So anything that doesn’t go as I have planned riles me up. It’s like my patience has reached its limit.

And then we reach his school, and as I am struggling to find parking, I have an argument with the school bus driver. And that’s like a turning point in my life.

 My son steps in with a finger on his mouth and tells me, ” Mamma sshhh.. sshhh. . chup chup.. dont shout..”

Oh my God!!! I’m shocked!! Wow..!!

 I just don’t know what to say and so I drive ahead instead. I kiss him goodbye, tell him to behave well in school, and listen to what the teacher says. And I’m on my way back home.

After he comes home I have a usual conversation with him about what happened in school. At that time, the maid breaks a cup. And as I’m about to yell at her, my son tells me, ” chup chup chup Mamma. .” I just stare at him and go in another room.

And it’s bedtime for him now. But he is not sleepy. He never gets sleepy for that matter. So he is running around the house throwing his toys in every possible nook and corner. Now I’m bubbled with anger and I open my mouth to shout at him when he puts his finger on his mouth and tells, ” Mamma chup chup chup..”

I begin to laugh and cry at the same time.! Poor thing, he gets scared and goes off to sleep without saying a word.

Pondering on what happened throughout the day, I realise a few innocent words from my little one has indeed made my life better. Now, the tsunami comes every morning and all of his toys are throughout the house at the end of the day, but I’m much calmer.

And, whenever I’m about to yell at him or anybody else for that matter, in his presence, he puts his finger on his mouth and I’m quiet. Even when he isn’t around and I’m all riled up, I just visualise him with a finger on his mouth and I calm down.

It’s like he has cast a spell on me with those few words.. It is amazing how we learn some big lessons in life with such small things..

He has indeed taught me anger management!!

Pic courtesy : Google images 

Author’s note : This post first appeared on mycity4kids parenting platform. 



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