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My new role: A referee

The other day, as I was watching my elder son make different shapes out of playdoh and the younger one trying to pull out the teddy’s nose with his gums; I felt content and at peace. I was so happy to see and playing on their own, none of them interfering with each other’s toys.

Thinking about them, I fell asleep.

I woke up about 10-15 minutes later to ear splitting screams! Wondering what is wrong, I went to see in the other room. I was shocked at what I saw!

and had grown up a few years! was 7 years old and was 4. “How did that happen?” I wondered. I started rubbing my eyes to confirm what I was seeing!! As I was staring at them, screamed again. was pulling a toy car out of Q’s hand. And before he could pull out his fingers, I had to intervene and stop them.

Again, after some time, came complaining that was not letting him study. So, I had to intervene again.

In the meantime, as I was making snacks for them, I kept thinking, “How did they grow up so fast? Where did the time go?”

And I got a cricket ball that shattered the glasses in the kitchen as the answer!

and were playing cricket in the house and were fighting over whose turn was it to bat. I was about to yell at them, when a brilliant idea struck me. I ran to their room and started searching their toys like a maniac. Both of them stood at the door and were watching me with their mouths open. Alas! I found what I was looking for. A whistle.

And then I blew it! Every single time when and fought, I blew the whistle. They understood that they have to stop fighting and arguing and get back to their work when they hear the sound of the whistle.

My husband called me a referee, as whenever and would be home, most of my time would be spent on settling their disputes. Yes, it was my new role.

As I lay down to sleep, I got really scared thinking about and Q. How much they were fighting and arguing all the time. But then I also realised, that this is all just a phase. As they grow older and busier, their disagreements will reduce. I may not have to use the whistle for a very long time! Anyway, whistling is a good exercise for the lungs!!

After some time, as I woke up, I found still playing with his playdoh and still trying to pull out the teddy’s nose! What a dream it was!

I hugged my and tight, and smiling at them I thought, “There’s still time for my new role as a referee! Let me enjoy this phase till it lasts!!”

Happy reading!!

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Author’s note : This post first appeared on mycity4kids parenting platform. 

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No! Please don’t prick me!!


An irrational fear of needles.

Yes. That’s it. I dint know I had it, until I got pregnant. Never before in my life had I gotten a blood test.

It was my first blood test in the first trimester of pregnancy. So, I went to the lab with my husband. The lab assistant was very sweet and told me what she would be doing.

First I was made to sit on a very comfortable chair. Next, she applied a tourniquet on my arm. Then, she wore gloves. After palpating my veins, she applied a spirit swab over the site where she intended to prick. And then, she removed the needle from the cap and asked me to close my fists tight.

As she was about to prick me, she said, “It will feel like an ant biting you. A very minimal pain. Just take deep breaths and relax.”

But the site of that one inch long steely pointy instrument approaching my skin gave me goosebumps.

And so I yelled. On top of my voice.

The lab assistant was surprised as she hadn’t even touched me.

My husband came running inside to ask what happened.

He held me and told me I would be alright.

Then, the lab assistant again asked me to relax and breathe deeply and told me it will feel like an ant biting. I shrieked again, without even being pricked. I told her, “I don’t like ants biting me. Go away.”

My husband felt really helpless, so did the lab assistant. Even I felt that way. I din’t know what was happening to me.

After about an hour of counselling by my husband and the lab assistant and after my husband promised me of multiple gifts, a vacation and what not, I reluctantly agreed. A five minute thing was stretched into an hour long ordeal. And after I thought the lab assistant would murder me (quite literally), I let her prick me! With lots of prayers going on in my mind, I finally relented.

It felt like a really big ant biting me to glory and then I saw the red liquid being collected into red, purple, yellow and grey capped bottles. It was finally over and done. Every body in the room including my husband, the lab assistant and myself were sweating.

My husband was really very shocked at this behaviour of mine. And so was I. And I also realise that the pain was indeed minimal!

The next day, we went to my obstetrician to discuss the reports. When my husband narrated the ‘bloody’ incident to him, he was rolling on the floor with laughter. Quite literally. He told me,  “You yourself are a doctor. You have pricked hundreds of patients and look at you. You tell your patients ‘nothing will happen, just a small prick’, so the same applies to you too.. Don’t be so stressed dear, you will get used to these pricks.”

And yes, I did get used to these pricks. I had another test in the second trimester as my hemoglobin was low, then another one in the third trimester as I had developed pregnancy induced hpothyroidism, and now, I have blood tests every month to follow up for my thyroid problem.

Sometimes I still say, ‘please don’t prick me’, but I have overcome that fear to about 80 percent. I’m sure the remaining will also go away soon.

And the best part of the whole thing was that my husband took me to a long ‘babymoon’ and pampered me silly, so much so that I felt like creating a scene everytime I went to do a blood test. But ofcourse I din’t. Now I cannot be that cunning, can I? 😉

Author’s note: This post has been first published on mycity4kids parenting platform. 

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When I caught my husband RED handed! !

After a long and tiring day, I finally retired to sleep. As soon as I hit the pillow, I fell asleep. Some time later, I woke up to drink water. It was 12.15 am. That’s when I saw that my husband was not on the bed. Thinking he must have gone to the washroom, I went back to bed. But, I could not sleep. I waited for him to come back, thinking ‘How much time one can take to come from the washroom, 10-15 minutes max.’ But I kept waiting and waiting. It was 1 am now. He still hadn’t come. So I went to check the washroom, but he was not there. 

That’s when I saw him sneakily opening the main door. He had come from outside. I thought I should ask him where had he been.. But then I thought may be he must have gone out for some fresh air. Big deal. He must have not disturbed me as I was in deep sleep.. After justifying my assumptions, I went to sleep.

Everything was back to routine in the morning. And even I forgot about the night. But then, the same thing happened again.    12-1 am my husband would mysteriously disappear. I simply couldn’t sleep after that. And there was no particular change in his behaviour, he was his usual self!

The midnight disappearance continued for a couple more days. I wanted to confront him on that matter, but I thought that if it was important he would share it with me. I started with my assumptions again; maybe he was discussing some work related issues with colleagues, maybe some of his friends had some problem, maybe this, maybe that.., the list was endless.

I was getting restless with each passing night. I was itching to check his phone when he was in the bathroom, but I controlled myself. I had decided to catch him red handed tonight.

Finally, the golden hour arrived. I was pretending to be asleep, and when I was sure he had left, I too sneaked out behind him. He went to the terrace., I followed him quietly. I decided to hide behind the terrace door, in case anyone would come or if I could hear any sounds from inside. But, nada.. There was nothing, no one came and no noises. So, after waiting for about 15 minutes, I gathered all my courage and confidence to face what was there on the other side of the door. With my head held high, I marched inside.

What did I see?? Oh my God!! It was absolutely shocking and unbelievable to me..

Hubby darling was extremely engrossed in playing some game on his phone!!

I tapped on his shoulder from behind. He turned back, and his expression was priceless!! Like a kid caught eating icecream in the middle of the night. He got up sheepishly.. I started crying and hitting him playfully. He was surprised as to why I was crying.  I told him, “I’ll tell you in the morning. Lets go back.”

Then, the next morning, I explained everything to him. He burst out laughing..

He said, “Sweetheart, you only made me promise that I won’t play games on my phone in the house, otherwise I’ll be setting a bad example on the kids. So I went out.. And the games which I play require a lot of concentration; they are strategy games..”

I told him, “you and your stupid strategy games!! You can play in the room also.. you could have just told me.. you scared the hell out of me!!”

Men will be men!

Women will be women!!


P.S.: The above writeup is fictional 😀

Happy reading!!

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Author’s note : This post first appeared on mycity4kids parenting platform.

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The wedding gift

Meera was super excited for her wedding which was a month away. And more than that she was excited about her Bachelorette party. She had planned every possible detail for it along with her closest friends Anjali and Nikita. All three of them worked together, they were Co owners of a fashion boutique. 

Meera was getting married to her boyfriend of three years, Rohan. They had a very unique meeting. Meera was travelling to London for a holiday. She loved travelling to new places and at times she would travel solo. This was one of her solo expeditions. Rohan was seated next to her on the flight. He was going for a project for his job. They struck a conversation and time flew by. They talked about their lives, hobbies, work and goals. In no time their flight was about to land and they would be on their separate ways. So they exchanged numbers and decided to keep in touch.

Back in the city, they met with their friends, invited each other for various parties and events. They hung out together many times and became very good friends. Meera realised that she really liked him and she wanted to take their friendship to the next level. So she asked him out, and he agreed. And after dating for almost three years they decided to tie the knot.

Now, their wedding was just a week away. Meera always wanted to have an elaborate wedding complete with mehndi, haldi, Sangeet, pheras and reception. She had decided to have a Bachelorette party before all other functions begin.

The party was planned in a club. Meera along with her friends had a blast. They danced their way through the night. And after cutting the cake, they were on their way home.

On the way, at a signal, she saw some guy drop a parcel in front of their car. So shocked to see that, she ran out, along with her friends but the guy was no where to be seen. They were staring at the parcel and wondering what was in it and who would do that, when suddenly the parcel started to move!

The girls shrieked and were about to run, but Meera went forward and opened it. She was shocked! She dint know how to react. She lifted the tiny newborn baby in her hands and she was mesmerised!

Meera relived her childhood in those 5-10 minutes of holding the baby; how she was abandoned by her parents, how she grew up in an orphanage, how she would cry looking at other kids with their parents, how she had to work hard to get anything that she wanted, and the list was endless. Until she got adopted by an old couple when she was 9 years old. Then things were better for her. She experienced all the feelings that had deserted her since birth. She learnt to make friends, learnt to love and more importantly, she learnt the art of kindness and perseverance. Meera never knew her biological parents but her adoptive parents gave her everything that she had missed and she was ever grateful to them for that.

Anjali and Nikita shook her from her reverie and they then drove to the nearest police station and handed over the baby after completing all the formalities.

After a disturbed sleep, in the morning Meera asked Rohan to meet her urgently before the functions of the wedding started.

Meera narrated the entire incident of last night to Rohan.

Meera said, ” I know that this is something very difficult for you, but I want you too, to be a part of this.”

Rohan said, ” What is it Meera?”

“I want to adopt that baby, Rohan. That would be my wedding gift.”

Rohan was silent for a minute and then he said, “Don’t worry dear, that baby will be your wedding gift. I understand your emotions Meera. I know where you come from and I totally support you. And I am very touched by the fact that you discussed this with me before taking the decision on your own. I love you and I will be proud to be your husband.”

“I love you too, Rohan. Thank you so much. This would be a wedding gift that nobody would have ever received. And I am really relieved that you accepted it. I cannot even imagine what that little one will go through.. thanks again.. I am very happy to have you in my life..”

After all the marriage functions were over,  they completed all the legal formalities and finally got the little one with them. They named her ‘Diya’. Because she had lightened up their lives..

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Author’s note : This post first appeared on mycity4kids parenting platform. 

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How I learnt anger management from my son!!

It is a usual day in my house where a tsunami hits every morning and things go helter skelter.

Well, it’s time to go to school for my 3 year old son!!!

So he has his breakfast and gets dressed.

And as the wave subsides, we are finally on our way to school. I am usually a calm person by nature but all that changed after my first son was born. So anything that doesn’t go as I have planned riles me up. It’s like my patience has reached its limit.

And then we reach his school, and as I am struggling to find parking, I have an argument with the school bus driver. And that’s like a turning point in my life.

 My son steps in with a finger on his mouth and tells me, ” Mamma sshhh.. sshhh. . chup chup.. dont shout..”

Oh my God!!! I’m shocked!! Wow..!!

 I just don’t know what to say and so I drive ahead instead. I kiss him goodbye, tell him to behave well in school, and listen to what the teacher says. And I’m on my way back home.

After he comes home I have a usual conversation with him about what happened in school. At that time, the maid breaks a cup. And as I’m about to yell at her, my son tells me, ” chup chup chup Mamma. .” I just stare at him and go in another room.

And it’s bedtime for him now. But he is not sleepy. He never gets sleepy for that matter. So he is running around the house throwing his toys in every possible nook and corner. Now I’m bubbled with anger and I open my mouth to shout at him when he puts his finger on his mouth and tells, ” Mamma chup chup chup..”

I begin to laugh and cry at the same time.! Poor thing, he gets scared and goes off to sleep without saying a word.

Pondering on what happened throughout the day, I realise a few innocent words from my little one has indeed made my life better. Now, the tsunami comes every morning and all of his toys are throughout the house at the end of the day, but I’m much calmer.

And, whenever I’m about to yell at him or anybody else for that matter, in his presence, he puts his finger on his mouth and I’m quiet. Even when he isn’t around and I’m all riled up, I just visualise him with a finger on his mouth and I calm down.

It’s like he has cast a spell on me with those few words.. It is amazing how we learn some big lessons in life with such small things..

He has indeed taught me anger management!!

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Author’s note : This post first appeared on mycity4kids parenting platform.